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ALL NEW colors available for the BEST car camera in the world!

The Blackbird ICU Car Camera® is now available in cool new colors that are the extreme. We still have our basic black, white, and gray, but we just added Black Carbon, Blue, Black Carbon, Copper, Gold,Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow. Add style and safety with our world dominating car camera. This is not a backup camera, but a full-time REAR VIEW DRIVING camera so you can see behind you and your blind spots in a video monitor attached to your rear view mirror. The Blackbird ICU Car Camera has a wide-angle lens for your blind spots, and a standard angle camera all-in-one maximum rear view of the road. The cameras are inside a shark fin type of shell mounted to the top of your vehicle roof or trunk just like a satellite antenna and is available with or without an XM/Sirius antenna. The ICU Car Cam System is a PATENT PENDING proprietary modular system that lets you upgrade or switch components with ease. There is nothing else like this in the world, and you can get yours today at https://carcamsystem.com