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Safely driving with a Vulture ICU Car Camera® and a backup camera

If you are thinking of adding a backup camera to your vehicle, then here is what you need. The ALL NEW Vulture ICU Car Cam System™ solocam is a full-time rear view car camera and video monitor that you add to any car so you can see your blind spots. You can also connect any after-market backup camera to the included ICU Video Monitor and switch back and forth between the Vulture and your backup camera on the fly. Using these two types of cameras together will give you the best possible view of your blind spots and rear when driving or parking. The wide angle camera on the Vulture is ideal for your rear view as you can see traffic all around your vehicle while driving, specifically in your blind spots. The Vulture gets mounted to the top of your car for the best possible view behind your car or truck. Typically when driving you need to turn your head all the way around to look out your windows to see in your blind spots, which is very dangerous because you are taking your eyes off the road in front of your vehicle for an extended period. Using the ICU Car Camera® allows you to keep your vision right in front of you where it should be, you don’t even need to use your side mirrors or turn your head to see your blind spots anymore. The Vulture ICU Car Camera® also has low-light sensitivity for driving in dark areas where there is very little light to help you see. See this wonderful product at

Vulture ICU Car Cam System™ (SoloCam)

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