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Sticky mount or Bolt mount

Sticky Mount or Bolt Mount ICU Car Camera?

The Phantom ICU Car Camera is the Premium rear view system, but recently we designed The Cylon ICU Car Camera for a new C8 Vette, C7 and C6, as well as other exotic coupes with minimal spacing on the roof between the targa top and rear hatch. They Cylon incorporates the exact same camera system as the Phantom. There are two installation type of ICU Car Cameras: “Bolt” Mount and “Sticky” Mount. “Bolt” mount means you need a hole on the top surface of the roof or trunk for the bolt to secure and run the wire into the vehicle. We also have the “Sticky” mount type of camera that can installed on a rear hatch/trunk with 2-way tape in order to mount the camera next to a gap between the body and the hatch/trunk lid, by running the wire from outside the vehicle surface down the gap into the interior, no need for any holes. Below is a pic of The Cylon ICU Car Camera installed on an 2021 Chevrolet Corette (using the “Sticky” mount system). At the bottom is a picture of a 2007 Nissan Frontier with a Phantom ICU Car Camera (installed using the “Bolt mount system).

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