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Change Your Car’s Antenna to a Camera Antenna

A new Antenna Camera replaces your current antenna on your car, truck, or van. The ICU Car Camera is the first ever antenna camera which provides the best view of traffic and your blind spots. This antenna camera has a wide-angle lens that can see cars next to you while you drive in traffic or you can even use it for parking spaces. There are three options when changing your current “shark fin” antenna to a new antenna camera: Option 1 would be to completely remove your old antenna and and simply install the ICU Car Camera in it’s place. Option 2 would be to move your old antenna to the inside of the vehicle such as between the roof liner or other location. Option 3 would be to drill a new hole in the roof for your old antenna and move it to the new location then simply install the new ICU Car Camera in the old antenna’s roof hole. Email ICU Car Camera or call us at (657) 220-2064 for details on installation options.

ICU Antenna Camera

The ICU Car Camera Antenna Camera

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