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Satellite Shark Fin Antenna and Rear View Camera in One

The Blackbird ICU Car Camera® is a new car product that is revolutionary, the only car camera in the world that combines the aerodynamic style of a shark fin antenna with a full-time rear view camera. The ICU Car Camera is NOT a backup camera, but a wide-angle camera to see behind you and your blind spots when driving all the time. The Blackbird-X ICU Car Camera® is available with a Sirius/XM antenna built-in for your specific model vehicle so all you have to do is swap your original unit with the ICU Car Camera. The ICU Car Cam System™ is a patent pending modular camera system that is interchangeable and connectable with other ICU Car Cam System units with makes installation and upgrades simple and easy. One of the best features of this system is that you can connect a DVR to the ICU Video Monitor and record whatever the camera can see when you drive just like a dashcam, in case you get into an accident. See more information about these beautiful products at https://carcamsystem.com

Basic BLACK color available for the Blackbird ICU Car Camera

Basic BLACK color available for the Blackbird ICU Car Camera

ICU Camera shows your blind spots and improves visibility to help reduce the dangers of driving on roads today.

ICU Camera Rear View Mirror