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Your REAR VIEW MIRROR is old technology – upgrade your car to the ICU Car Cam System!

Typical rear view mirrors are dangerous to use because you can't see very much behind you and you can't see your blind spots at all.

Typical rear view mirrors are dangerous

Like the VCR and the Walkman your typical rear view mirror is a dead technology. Actually your mirror has always been very limited and dangerous for driving in traffic, but they haven’t changed for a 100 years. Rear view mirrors are dangerous because you can’t see very much in your mirror when you have to look through your car seats, passengers, and little rear windows. All of those factors together mean you have a small, limited angle view of traffic on the freeway and streets, not to mention pedestrians and bicycles in parking lots. When using your rear view mirror and side view mirrors you still have to turn your head around to see your blind spots, taking your eyes off the road for extended periods, this is another dangerous factor when driving. DON’T WORRY! There is a way to update your car easily, it’s also affordable, the ICU Car Cam System. The ICU Car Cam Systems are a full-time REAR VIEW DRIVING car camera and video monitor you can add to any vehicle. These systems allow you to see behind your car and in your blind spot, all at once using a wide-angle camera that connects to a nice big video screen attached to your rear view mirror. This technology means you keep your eyes on the road instead of turning your head, and you only have to look a way for an instance to look at the monitor right in front of you. We have many camera systems with different options and features for you to choose from, to fit any car or driver. See for yourself on our YouTube Videos or get more information at https://carcamsystem.com