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ICU Car Camera is the Best Car Camera in the World!

This video shows how the ICU Car Camera works and how you can see behind you and in your blind spots all in one place on the ICU Video Monitor.

Rear View Mirrors are out…Rear View Cameras are in. There is a trend in the wind, which is causing more and more car manufacturers to turn there outdated vehicles into more futuristic tech machines. One of the biggest advances in this area is the REAR VIEW MIRROR CAMERA . So now instead of using a standard rear view mirror that limits your rear view of the road, you have a video monitor in its place. This type of technology allows drivers to see much more of the road when driving, so now cameras are not just for backing up or parking anymore. Blind spots have always been a problem for drivers since the inception of the automobile, but now you can overcome that issue with a rear view camera, like the ICU Car Camera. The ICU Car Camera is at the forefront of this after-market technology and can be installed on just about any car, truck, van, or SUV – old or new! The ICU Car Cam System comes with a camera and video monitor, and can be installed fairly easily with a little A/V electronics know how. ICU Car Camera was the first product of this type to come on the market back in 2014, and they keep adding innovative new products to their line of cameras and video monitors. Take a look at their rear view camera systems which include the SoloCam and DualCam technologies, as well as their proprietary “Plug’n’play” system.

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