Dragonfly ICU Car Camera Security System™ (DualCam)


HD Dash Cam with 3-way camera angle and DVR


The Dragonfly ICU Car Camera Security System is the Best Hidden Car Camera in the World that includes 2 micro cameras so small they’re almost invisble. You also get a mobile DVR with 2 audio/video inputs for recording audio and video from both cameras at the same time. The system is ready to record out of the box, all you have to do is install it in your vehicle and turn it on. The Dragonfly cameras can be installed on the windshield area along the side trim panels so that they point at the opposite window to record video while driving or in the event of accidents, a ticket, burglary, and more. The DVR can be hidden in a trunk, under the seat, or on a kick panel. The DVR will record all connected cameras when you turn your car ignition on, and stop when you turn your car off. The DVR also comes with a remote for the extensive menu features (monitor required for menu function, sold separately). Installation of the cameras is easy, just stick them to the side edges of your front windshield, then tuck the cables in your trim and side paneling to the DVR’s location. The simple and easy self-installation system is connected to your cigarette lighter with the provided plug for power. Optionally you can install a permanent connection to the vehicle’s 12V electrical system at the fuse box, A/C, radio, or other switchable accessory component with a fuse adapter (optional ICU Car Camera adapters are available. Professional installation recommended).

There are many reasons why you need to record forward, sides, and rear views while driving – such as accidents, burglary, road rage, and many more. Other Dash Cams have only one or two cameras to record your forward view, they often fall off the windshield, and they can block your view of the road.

The Dragonfly ICU Car Camera Security System records 2 angles of view, and it stays hidden and out of view so you always have secure video recordings of any incident in view of the cameras. see the road instead of a bunch of objects and cables dangling from your windshield.

Camera Features:

  • wide-angle low-light night vision
  • Easy installation
  • Hideable wires
  • Stick-on mounting
  • Hidden cameras
  • HD Resolution

DVR Features:

  • 2 audio/video inputs
  • HDMI/RCA video output
  • Remote control
  • Multi-menu features (monitor required)
  • Dual SD Card Recording(32Gb-128Gb recommended – card not included)
  • Memory Card Lock
  • HD recording

Optionally you can get a mobile DVR with 4 audio/video inputs so you can add more cameras, such as the Deluxe ICU Car Cam System that includes a rear view driving camera and backup camera (system sold separately). Contact us for more information about this option.

Contact Us for installation details and information.
The ICU Car Camera® is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Creative Minds Designs