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Hornet ICU Car Cam System™ (SoloCam)


Window Mounted Full-time REAR VIEW DRIVING Car Cam System for Blind Spots

7″ LCD Video Monitors for the Hornet are available as a mirror mount or dash mount unit. Either monitor has a video channel for the ICU Car Camera (Solocam) and a 2nd RCA channel for an optional backup cam or Video Player.

Camera Cable Extension Upgrade

Some vehicles such as VANS and SUV’s may require a camera extension cable in addition to the provided cable(included with system purchase) to reach from the ICU Video Monitor on the rear view mirror to the installed ICU Car Camera location. It’s always a good idea to verify the length you need with a dummy cable before ordering. Available only for the Blackbird, Vulture, Scorpion, Hornet cameras.

For easy installation of the ICU Car Camera System like the Blackbird to a switchable 12V power source from the fuse box to the DC Barrel Jack of the Monitor Power/Aux Cable for our LCD Video Monitors


The Hornet ICU Car Cam System™ is a complete full-time Rear View Driving Camerasystem that includes the Scorpion ICU Car Camera® and our ICU 7″(dia.) LCD Video Monitor (available as a mirror mount or dash mount). Our patent pending modular system and wide angle camera is the best way to see your blind spots while improving driving safety. The Hornet ICU Car Camera® simply sticks to the inside of your vehicle’s rear window which gives a great view behind your car. It features an adjustable hinge to angle it on any rear window for your car, truck, or van. The Video Monitor clips to your vehicle’s standard rear view mirror (optionally you can also connect a backup camera to the ICU Video Monitor). Even at night the ICU Car Camera® has low light sensitivity to give you a nice bright view of traffic, parking lots, the driveway, other objects around you, and especially pedestrians behind your car. If you have tinted windows it can be very difficult to see your surroundings especially driving at night, the ICU Car Camera® is the best solution for that problem. When it rains it can really hinder your vision out of the back window, the ICU Car Camera® gives you a much more clear view of the rear than a standard rear view mirror. The ICU Car Camera® is the perfect companion for your old or new car even if you have an existing back-up camera. Try it for 30 days on our “Love it or your money back” policy, so you have nothing to lose!

This product is part of our patent pending proprietary modular system, which makes it compatible with all other ICU Car Camera® products


  • Wide-angle cam to see cars in your blind spots while driving
  • Backing out of parking spaces was never easier
  • Improve your rear view in rainy conditions
  • Low-light vision for night time driving
  • Modular Camera System makes all ICU products compatible
  • Compatible with most after-market backup camera systems

Driving at night in the rain with tinted windows is a big problem, not anymore with the ICU Car Cam System™!
(Installing the Hornet ICU Car Camera® on a tinted window will require a small clear hole in the tint)

Camera Features:

  • HD wide-angle camera
  • Durable ABS plastic shell
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable hinge to fit any rear window angle
  • Small and easy to conceal
  • Modular Camera System makes all ICU products compatible

Video Monitor Features:

  • 7″ (dia.) Non-reflective LCD screen
  • 800X480 HD resolution
  • 2 channel selection
  • Format and video adjustment menu
  • Camera input connector
  • DC power/auxiliary cable connector
  • Secondary DC power connector
  • Video IN RCA connector(for Backup camera/DVD player/game console)
  • Video OUT(to DVR)
  • Lighted Buttons

Professional installation recommended. Contact Us for installation details and information.
The ICU Car Camera™ is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 6 in
Camera Specifications

TV system: NTSC, Power input: 12V DC, Waterproof: IP67, Video Output: RCA, PLA Plastic Shell: 3-D Printed, Paint-able, Dimensions: 5.75"L x 3.25"W x 2.75"H, Weight: 5 oz., Standard Angle Lens: 90 deg. angle, 2500TVL High Resolution, Low Illumination 0.001 lux, Self-sticking Mounting Surface

Video Monitor Specifications

Power Input: 12V DC, Video: Channel 1/Channel 2, 7" LCD Screen, RF Remote Control, Resolution: 800w X 480h Pixels, Menu: Choosing Brightness, Color, Contrast, Mode Selection: Standard/Wide Display, 7" Screen Size(diagonal), Dimensions: 10"L x 7/8"W x 4 3/8"H, Secondary DC Power Connector, Auxiliary Cable: DC Power Wire, Priority Video Switch(Backup Camera), Video IN(Backup Camera/DVD Player/Game Console), Video OUT(DVR), Lighted Buttons, No Glare Non-reflective Screen

Package Contents

1 x Hornet ICU Car Camera®, 1 x ICU Video Monitor, 1 x 2M Camera Extension Cable, 1 x Monitor Wire Harness, Installation and User Manuals

Installation Requirements

Clean window for mounting, Connection to the ICU Video Monitor or ICU Wireless Kit (sold separately/included with the ICU Car Cam System), Connection to vehicle DC accessory power such as the cigarette lighter, radio, AC, etc., Install the ICU Car Camera Extension Cable inside vehicle headliner, or under vehicle carpeting (removal of vehicle headliner and/or trim may be necessary, professional installation is always recommended)

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