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Phantom ICU Car Cam System™ Sticky Mount with built-in Dash Cam DVR Mirror Monitor


Sticky Mount Full-time REAR VIEW DRIVING Car Camera System for Blind Spots

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Ford, Honda, BMW, etc.

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Mustang, Civic, X5, etc.

Larger vehicles such as Utility Vans and RV’s may require a longer camera cable than the standard 16′ (6M) to reach the Mirror Monitor. We recommend testing the installation route for length of cable needed using a string, and account for any twist and turns.

For easy installation of the ICU Car Camera System like the Phantom to a switchable 12V power source from the fuse box to the cigarette lighter/auxiliary power plug used with our Mirror Touchscreen Video Monitors

The ICU Antenna Box allows ICU Car Camera customers to replace their factory Shark Fin Satellite/Radio antennas with the ICU Car Camera, and move the antenna to a new location inside the vehicle mounted to the rear window. 3 sizes to choose from.


The Phantom ICU Car Cam System™ is a complete full-time rear view driving camera that includes one Phantom ICU Car Camera® and our 9.66″(dia.) IPS Touch Screen ICU Video Monitor with built-in dash cam and DVR. The Phantom’s wide-angle camera is the best way to see your blind spots while improving driving safety. The “Sticky Mount” ICU Car Camera® is specially designed to be easily installed on an SUV, Van, hatchback, or convertible for a “do-it-yourself” installation. No HOLES or DRILLING required! This version of the Phantom Camera is mounted using super strong 3M way tape for secure mounting to a vehicle roof, trunk, or spoiler. Our ICU 9.66″ Video Monitor (4K coming July 2021!) looks just like a standard rear view mirror, and it just attaches to your old mirror. This HD Video Touch Screen IPS Monitor has a built-in dash cam and DVR to record video from both front and rear cameras. The ICU Car Camera® has low light sensitivity to give you a nice bright view at night of traffic, parking lots, the driveway, other objects around you, and especially pedestrians behind your car. If you have tinted windows it can be very difficult to see your surroundings especially driving at night, the ICU Car Camera® is the best solution for that problem. When it rains it can really hinder your vision out of the back window, the ICU Car Camera® gives you a much more clear view of the rear than a standard rear view mirror. The ICU Car Cam System™ is the perfect companion for your old or new car even if you have an existing back-up camera. Try it for 30 days on our “Love it or your money back” policy, so you have nothing to lose!

  • Touch screen to access menus
  • Touch screen to adjust Camera View up or down
  • Touch Up one angle
  • Touch Up two angles
  • Touch Down one angle
  • Touch Down 2 angles
  • Touch Switch from rear to front cam

  • See much more around your vehicle than a rear view mirror
  • Backing out of parking spaces was never easier
  • Improve your rear view in bad weather conditions
  • Low-light vision for night time driving
  • Records both front and rear cameras simultaneously
  • Extra-long 16′ (6M) camera cable can fit a large SUV or utility van

Driving at night in the rain with tinted windows is a big problem, not anymore with the ICU Car Cam System™!

Front Camera Features:

  • Full HD(1920×1080) wide-angle lens
  • Low-light sensitivity
  • Extendable position

Rear Camera Features:

  • Full HD(1920×1080) wide-angle lens
  • Easy to install “Sticky Mount”
  • Durable ABS plastic shell
  • Weatherproof
  • Paint-able
  • Sleek low profile design

Video Monitor Features:

  • 9.66″ (dia.) IPS touch screen
  • 1280 x 480 HD resolution
  • Select view Front or rear camera
  • Built-in front dash cam and microphone
  • Built-in DVR (SD card required)
  • DVR playback function
  • DVR Records up to 1920×1080 Resolution
  • Record Settings can be lowered for more file space
  • Front and rear scroll up/down view
  • Loop recording front/rear video simultaneously
  • G-sensor collision file lock
  • Format and video adjustment menu
  • DC power cigarette lighter adapter
  • Date and time on-screen display
  • Built-in backup battery
  • Mirror function when screen is off
  • On/Off record when screen is off

Professional installation recommended. Contact Us for installation details and information.
The ICU Car Camera™ is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Additional information

Rear Camera Specifications

TV system: NTSC, Power input: 12V DC, Waterproof: IP67, PLA Plastic Shell: 3-D Printed, Paint-able, Wide Angle Lens: 150 deg. angle, 1280×720 HD Resolution, Super WDR, Medium range night vision, Dimensions: 6.25"L x 3"W x 2"H, Weight: 14 oz.

Video Monitor Specifications

Power Input: 12V DC, Video: Front/Rear, 9.66"(dia.) IPS Touch Screen, Screen Resolution: 1280w X 340h Pixels, Built-in Front Dash Cam (1080×720 pixels), Loop Record, G-sensor collision file lock, SD Card Slot (up to 32G, Wide Angle Lens: 120 deg. angle, Wide Dynamic Range, Touch Screen Function Menu, Backup battery, Manually Adjustable Front Camera Angle (up/down/sideways), Digitally Adjust Rear Camera Angle (up/down), Mirror function when screen is off, Dimensions: 11"L x .75" W x 3"H, Weight: 16 oz.

Package Contents

1 x Phantom ICU Car Camera®
1 x 9.66" IPS Touch Screen with built-in Dash Cam and DVR
1 x 3.5M Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
1 x 16' (6M) Camera Cable
Mounting Hardware
Installation and User Manuals

Camera Color



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