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The ALL NEW Phantom ICU Car Cam System on the freeway

See behind you and in your blind spots all in one place, your rear view mirror, or actually your NEW Rear View Mirror Monitor with built-in Dash Cam and DVR. The DVR records HD video from both front and rear cameras at the same time while you drive. This system is very handy when you get into an accident so you have great evidence when needed. Capture other collisions in front of your vehicle or behind it, or other unexpected events too. The Phantom rear view camera has an excellent wide-angle of view and low-light vision for night time driving. Get more information on the Phantom ICU Car Camera at CarCamSystem.com/product/phantom

The Phantom ICU Car Camera is a Full-time REAR VIEW Driving Camera and Video monitor, this is not a backup camera! Now you can see behind you and your blind spots when driving. Includes a Phantom ICU Car Camera, the ICU 9.66" Rear View HD Touchscreen Video Monitor with built-in dashcam/dvr. cigarette lighter power adapter (3.5m), and silicone monitor mounting straps, and camera cable (6m).

The Best Car Camera in the world just got better!

The ALL NEW Phantom ICU Car Cam System™ is here, and it kills! Now you can get the best car camera with the best mirror monitor all in one system, with built-in dash cam and DVR functions. The ICU streaming video monitor has a beautiful 9.66″ IPS touchscreen with a plethora of functions including; G-sensor for collision detection file lock, adjustable camera angle view, HD resolution, Rear camera input, microphone, and much more. The Phantom ICU Car Camera® is not a backup camera, it’s a FULL-TIME rear view camera that mounts on your vehicle’s roof for the best view of blind spots and behind your car, truck, van, or SUV. The front and rear cameras have HD resolution and record simultaneously to the monitor’s DVR, so if you ever get in an accident you can bet you will have in on video. You can even turn off the video screen and use it as a standard mirror. The ICU Car Cam System™ is the only system in the world with this rooftop design and features. This car camera product is priced better than any other on the market and has more benefits too.

DRUNK DRIVERS are so dangerous, here’s a way to protect yourself…

The other night I was driving on the freeway, in my ICU Video Monitor I could see a car coming up behind me in the next lane on my left. He was going about 90 mph and I could tell he was slightly drifting into my lane. All of a sudden I felt my car being pushed to the right like a very strong wind was pushing me. Sure enough that car was passing right next to me almost side swiping my car, it scared the hell out of me! So I swerved away as fast as I could to avoid him and luckily he missed my car by inches! He was going so fast I couldn’t catch up to him in traffic to get his license number and report him to the CHP. It’s driving situations like this that really call for a new type of protection when you drive, at least a way to prove the actions of other driver’s at fault. So I have developed a new type of car camera system that can record 360 degrees at the same time to protect a driver in case of an accident. The Blackbird ICU Car Cam System can record video to a DVR for video evidence of the rear view, and The Dragon ICU 3-way Dashcam can record video of the front and side views to a DVR. When combined the two Cam Systems can record to a mobile 4 video channel DVR for complete protection in case of an accident providing proof of another driver at fault.

The Dragon ICU Car Camera is a 3-way dash cam with FRONT (HD Low-light wide-angle vision), LEFT (wide-angle), and RIGHT (wide-angle) CAMERAS
The Dragon ICU Car Camera is a 3-way dash cam with FRONT (HD Low-light wide-angle vision), LEFT (wide-angle), and RIGHT (wide-angle) CAMERAS
The Dragon ICU Car Camera 3-way Dash Cam - Driver side camera
The Dragon ICU Car Camera 3-way Dash Cam – Driver side camera
Dave Ruiz - Inventor of the ICU Car Camera
Dave Ruiz – Inventor of the ICU Car Camera
Roof mounted rear view car camera
Roof mounted rear view car camera

The Fly ICU Car Camera Mini Dash Cam - installed on rear view mirror

World’s BEST HD Mini Dash Cam

The Fly ICU Car Camera is so small you can hide it behind your rear view mirror and you will have the best front camera video recorded on the DVR. The Fly camera has Superior HD and night vision for excellent dash cam recordings. The camera cable can be hidden by tucking it in the roof liner and side panel, and the DVR can be hidden under your dashboard or in the glove compartment. Definitely worth the cost if you get into an accident!

The Dragon ICU Car Cam System has a 3-way dash cam and 4 input DVR

The BEST Dash Cam in the WORLD!

The Dragon ICU Car Camera 3-way Dash Cam. 3 cameras for 3 angles of video recording to a DVR. Front, driver side, and passenger side views. The Dragon features a night vision far superior to that of a typical dash cam.  The Dragon just sticks to the back of your rear view mirror to stay hidden and out of the way. Cables can be hidden inside the roof liner and trim. See more information at: https://