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ICU Car Camera System Demo Video

This video shows the ICU Car Cam System in action on the streets and parking lots. This video gives you a great demonstration of how necessary and convenient the ICU Car Camera really is.

ICU Car Camera Kickstarter Campaign

I recently posted a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds that would enable ICU Car Camera to create a marketing campaign with TV commercials and internet advertising, unfortunately we were unable to raise anything much more that a couple $100! Oh well!

Here is the campaign video:

First ever ICU Car Cam System installed on a Cadillac CTS

I’m proud to say I have the first ICU Car Cam System and it is installed on my 2004 Cadillac CTS Sedan, damn I love this thing! Instead of my rear view mirror I use a rear camera and it really does help me see the road all around me and I feel so much safer while driving now. Been driving around with this for a few months and I can’t drive without it now, I feel blind when I drive my other car because I have to use the regular rear view mirror. ICU gives me a great view of my blind spots and the night vision is so cool when I am backing out of parking spaces at the market or where ever so I can see pedestrians walking behind my car much easier now. I a bad back and neck problems so this car camera is a godsend. I recommend to EVERYONE, get one if you want the confidence of real safety when driving.