The Vulture ICU Car Camera® SoloCam, The Blackbird ICU Car Camera® DualCam, and The Drone ICU Car Camera® SoloCam are Full-time REAR VIEW Driving Cams, they are NOT backup cameras

ICU Car Cam System™ products are part of our patent pending proprietary modular system, which make them “plug’n’play” and compatible with all other ICU Car Camera® products

2007 Cadillac Escalade ESV with the ICU Car Cam System
Full-time rear view video while driving is better than your vehicle’s rear view mirror

The ICU Car Cam System™ is a full-time Rear View Driving Camera and video monitor that improves driving convenience and road safety. We have ICU Car Cameras® that mount to the window or the roof of your vehicle just like a satellite radio antenna to give you the best view of blind spots and the road behind you. Choose between DualCam units that have standard-angle and wide-angle views you can switch on the fly, or SoloCam units that have a wide-angle view only perfect for vehicles with an after-market backup camera you can connect to the ICU Video Monitor with an accessory video input. Using a video monitor that can be attached to your vehicle’s standard rear view mirror, you will have the best view possible as you drive or backup. Even at night the ICU Car Camera® has low light sensitivity so it gives you a brighter view of the road, parking lots, the driveway, other cars, and especially pedestrians around you.

Our patent pending proprietary “plug’n’play’ system can be configured in multiple ways. The standard ICU Car Cam System™ comes with all necessary cables needed to power the system from your vehicle’s electrical system, but you have the option to power the our system with a 12V DC power adapter that plugs into a cigarette lighter or a 12V DC lithium battery(each sold separately). Once 12V power is connected to the monitor, simply plug in the ICU Car Camera® cable to the monitor and you’re ready to go!

When using a typical rear view mirror you only get a limited narrow view out of your rear window. If you also have tinted windows it can be very difficult to see your surroundings, you really need a better view especially driving at night, the ICU Car Cam System™ is the perfect solution for that problem. When it rains it can really hinder your vision out of the back window, the ICU Car Camera® will give you a much more clear view behind your vehicle than a standard rear view mirror in bad driving conditions. The ICU Car Camera® is the perfect accessory for your old or new car even if you have an existing backup camera.

Got a bad back or neck problems? The ICU Car Camera® really helps when you can’t turn your head very far to see your blind spots, Get one now!

Professional installation is recommended. Contact us for a trusted installer. The ICU Car Camera® is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Creative Minds Designs.