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Do I need a backup camera?

YES! Every vehicle should have a backup camera to help back out of the driveway, avoid obstacles behind your vehicle such as small children and pets, and to help parking in tight spots. Most vehicles manufactured after 2005 were offered with a backup camera system, and some of the luxury brands even came standard with one. Nowadays, backup cameras are pretty much a standard feature on all cars, so the manufacturers of the world met the demand because the general car buying public could see the benefits.

For years there have been after-market backup camera systems you can add to any car, truck, van, or SUV. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of manufactures and they all offer different types of systems such as license plate cams, trunk installed cams, and even front bumper cams.

Now automobile manufacturers are adding even more safety and convenience to vehicles, a REAR VIEW CAMERA is a new type of technology that is replacing the rear view mirror which has been used in cars for a 100 years.

Factory Installed Rear View Mirror Monitor System

Factory Installed Rear View Mirror Monitor System

The benefits to this new technology is just revolutionary, rear view cameras let you see more behind your vehicle when driving and can even eliminate blind spots. Some of the best features include having a clear view behind you in rain or bad weather, when you have passengers, your vehicle has a very heavy tinted window, and low light vision for darker driving conditions.

This new type of video system for vehicles is expected to be available in every new vehicle over the next 5 years, it’s just another step forward in the evolution of smart cars. Just like the backup camera, this new technology will be in great demand and a vital part of every day driving.

You should not feel left behind though if you have an older car with only a backup cam, or no camera at all. There is a full-time rear view camera system on the market, and it’s been available since 2014, it is the ICU Car Cam System.


The Blackbird ICU Car Cam System

The Blackbird ICU Car Cam System

The Blackbird ICU Car Cam System lets you see traffic and your blind spots when driving. This is not a backup camera system, but a FULL-TIME Rear View Camera System. Includes the Blackbird ICU Car Camera® DualCam, ICU 7″ Rear View Video Monitor Kit with wire harness, remote control, and a 2M camera extension cable. The Blackbird features 2 HD cameras, one for wide-angle view, one for a standard angle view. It is mounted to the roof of your vehicle just like a satellite radio antenna. If you have a factory installed satellite antenna that is not in use, simply replace it with the ICU Car Camera®. If you have no pre-existing mounting hole on the roof of your vehicle, it will be necessary to drill a new one (professional installation recommended). The Video Monitor clips on to your standard rear view mirror and and connects to the ICU Car Camera®. Even at night the ICU Car Camera® has low light sensitivity to give you a nice bright view of traffic, parking lots, the driveway, other objects around you, and especially pedestrians behind your car. If you have tinted windows it can be very difficult to see your surroundings especially driving at night, the ICU Car Camera® is the best solution for that problem. When it rains it can really hinder your vision out of the back window, the ICU Car Camera® gives you a much more clear view of the rear than a standard rear view mirror.
The ICU Car Camera® is the perfect companion for your old or new car even if you have an existing back-up camera.

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