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How to install the Blackbird ICU Car Cam System

The installation procedure is actually pretty simple if you have the right tools. This information is for The Blackbird ICU Car Cam System which is mounted on the roof. First make sure you have a screw driver(type may vary depending on car manufacturer), a trim removal tool, wire crimp tool, a step drill bit (if there is no factory hole for the camera), and vehicle manual (for electrical system schematics). The hardest part of installation is removing some of the vehicles trim to get access to inside the roof liner, where you have to run the camera and monitor wires. The entire installation process may take 1-2 hours.

  1. Remove all trim necessary to allow partial removal of the roof liner on one side of the vehicle, typically this will be the driver’s side due to the location of a power source such as your fuse box or electrical wiring. Trim removal usually includes front and side pillar, sun visor, coat hangars, roof grab handles, etc.
  2. Once the roof interior is accessible, you can access the Sirius/radio antenna and remove it (if applicable), or carefully drill a hole for the ICU Car Camera on top of the roof near the rear window.
  3. Once you mount the camera connect the extension cable to it and run the cable all the way to the rear view mirror and leave about 4 inches of cable dangling from the roof where it connects to the video monitor.
  4. Attach the ICU Video Monitor to the face of your rear view mirror with the spring loaded fingers that will grip the mirror.
  5. Connect the video monitor cable to the monitor, then run the cable down to the location of the power source, typically this will be along the front windshield and down driver’s side front pillar to the side of the dashboard.
  6. Then connect the ICU Video Monitor cable to a power source by connecting the power wires using the provided splice taps to a 12V switchable source such as your radio, A/C, etc. Optionally you can connect the power wires to a 10A-20A fuse with a fuse tap adapter.
  7. Once all the cables are in place you can replace the roof liner and all trim that was removed.

After installation your ICU Car Cam System is ready for use and should turn on automatically when you turn on your vehicle’s power.

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