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The Phantom ICU Car Camera is a Full-time REAR VIEW Driving Camera with wide-angle lens for the best view of traffic behind you and in your blind spots

Which ICU Car Camera is right for my vehicle?

Most vehicles will have different needs and configurations to consider when it comes to choosing a Rear View Car Camera. We have wide variety or ICU Car Cameras to suit most vehicles and drivers, such as smaller or larger sizes, and even wired or wireless systems. Some vehicles may require the removal of their Rooftop Antenna, inwhich case you have some options as well. For instance, if you don’t actually use your vehicle’s radio because you use a smart phone as your entertainment system, you can actually remove the rooftop antenna and install the ICU Car Camera in it’s place. Same will apply for a satellite antenna that is mounted on the roof near the rear window. Not all vehicles come with a factory roof antenna, but those that do have one will vary in size and mounting holes. For those vehicles with No Factory Roof Antenna or Small Factory Roof Antenna, we recommend installing our standard Phantom ICU Car Camera. For those with large Factory Roof Antennas, we recommend the PhantomW ICU Car Camera (wide body), which has a wider footprint to cover more area that may have a large mounting hole or multiple holes. For tall vehicles such as utility vans like the Ford Transit, we recommend the PhantomX ICU Car Camera, with it’s taller stance the camera angle allows you to see over the end of your roof and down closer behind your vehicle. See Dimension Diagrams below to give you an idea of which can fit your roof top best for installation.

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